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Aug. 29th, 2011 | 10:17 am
location: My bed.
mood: blahblah
music: Furious Angels - Rob Dougan

Only one more week left from the summer holidays.
These felt far longer last year, I swear.

I'm completely caught by both Marvel and DC fandoms (Caps, Iron Man, Transformers G1… all this series and movies from Marvel and no comics, while I mostly read the DC stuff. Huh.) and it's awesome, really. Just wish I had someone I could really fangirl about the DC stuff with… but oh well. Can't do much about it.
At least Mara joins me with Scarecrow. Together with Riddler.

Uh. Yeah. If only there was more Dick/Damian stuff now, sigh.

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Quick HP/TR

Jul. 20th, 2011 | 12:30 am
location: my beeedddd.
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Josh Groban - Remember me

 Errr, yeah. 
I've been listening to http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=TzSLkcDf6CU for the last few hours and… this just overcame me. I don't even know.
This losely ties to a story idea of mine in which Harry somehow got caught in Tom Riddles diary. Don't ask for now, just take it like that, m'kay? I was focusing more on feeling than story anyway.
Not beta'd in any kind and most likely suckish. Read at your own peril.


There was something undenyingly tragic about this whole situation.
Standing opposite eachother, vibrant green against icy blue eyes… it was fate, he knew that much. It didn't exactly make the pain go away though.
He knew that this would be the end of everything; one of them would have to die in the next minutes, he also knew that the other one was a mass murderer, someone, who probably deserved this…
Trying to swallow the knot in his throat was useless.
There was no way around this…
Still, those blue eyes were just watching him, even if he saw the red fire gnawing at the rim of them. This wasn't the Tom Marvolo Riddle he came to like… no, love. He had truely loved him… but this, this was Voldemort.
There was no lopsided smirk, no knowing look, no handsome features and black hair. There was reptile skin, a bald head and a mix of insanity, hatred… and a bit of confusion.
Harry should never have gotten closer to that man. To the man in the book, with all his alluring words and slow forming honest feelings. He should have known that it wouldn't last.
And so, his world had shattered together with the destruction off that diary, left his heart in pieces that wouldn't fit back together.
Closing his own eyes, he mentally cut the connection the man in front of him and that boy had had.
And oh, he was determined not to let the blue be tainted by red any more.

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(no subject)

Jul. 13th, 2011 | 02:56 am
location: Home.
mood: pissed offpissed off

 Well, main thing is that I'm the worst and stuff.

Yeah right.

I understand completely that she's more than angry at me, but what. She told me, that she still wanted to wear her Tom costume to the HP premiere. Didn't want to be alone in costume. So she still wanted me to finish it and wear it there with her.

Guess what? 10min before the movie began (which is still enough time in my opinion) I was standing there, in full robe, wig, glasses and shirt… but she wasn't there. Didn't pick up her phone either.
I'm just so very lucky about the guy who controlled the cards, because he believed me and let me in anyway ;M; He was so so so awesome!!!

So… yeah. I went on my search for our dearest Tom Marvolo Riddle. Got weird looks and idk what, because seriously, those hair and glasses look just stupid.
Didn't find her though. Just went for the largest movie theatre (that sounds weird, the dictionary says it's those words though… largest room? Err well) and after I didn't see her, I simply watched the movie from some sit on the side :|

It was an awesome movie, really. I cried a few times just seeing my beloved hogwarts crumble… and seeing how Harry dealt with everything… it was just amazing.

And around the credits, I saw her sitting together with a friend <3 but she's 'BITCH & HONEST' yeah right… with that one, she got a point for the first word and prolly a minus for the second. Just saying.

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Jun. 16th, 2011 | 11:57 am
location: Schooooool.
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: stuff that peepz of my class listen to?

I wanna draw Dick/Damian
But I just can't get Damians hair right…

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Why hello there~

May. 12th, 2011 | 11:30 am
location: Austria, Vienna (goddamn school)
mood: okayokay
music: Rolling in the Deep - Adele

 Harry Potter and Young Justice OvO~

Y u captivate me so.

I really love both of them, write endless RPs (at least with HP, I still have to get into Kons character and a fitting writing style and everything…) and also some small ones in Skype, draw so many fanarts I don't remember drawing in years and… yeah.
They're just awesome like that.

Also, happy birthday to meee. Just wish I would've gotten the Arkham Asylum game. =W=;;

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